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Who Do We Serve?

We serve individuals. PEOPLE, buyer of companies, investors in companies. No, not big institutions or private equity groups. We help buyers of companies navigate through the intricacies of sourcing, negotiating, financing and closing a small business acquisition. For those of you who wish to upgrade your career path by becoming an owner of a substantial business, this is for you. You might be a professional looking for a career change, an entrepreneur that wishes to take the efficient route to wealth building or you may be an established small business looking for the next investment. Whatever the situation we work with first time buyers as well as seasoned investor groups, but our first priority is to assist our clients in the acquisition process using the private equity buyout model applied to small acquisitions.

Why Buy A Business Using a Private Equity Model?

Ok if there are any questions about why you would want to buy a business versus anything else you would ever do then I would refer you to the Career Options Chart on the sticky post. As an online entrepreneur said once, “It will put you ten years ahead of anything else you do”. Lots of people will start businesses, some will mess around on the internet, but relatively few will buy a real business with critical mass in their lifetime. Why so few? Because it can be complicated and it costs money. So we teach and coach how to simplify the process, reduce the costs and greatly increase the odds of successfully buying a business. The buyer can substantially reduce the money needed for an acquisition if he knows the right techniques and process to structure and finance the deal. Enter: The Leveraged Buyout..

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Capitalization Rates For Business and Real Estate Transactions

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What Should I Buy: A Big Company or Small?

Here is a problem I see a lot. A first time buyer is not sure whether he should go big or small when he buys his first company. He doesn't ...
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Buying Online Businesses Vs Buying Offline Businesses This blog deals mostly with buying offline businesses, or as they call them nowadays, bricks and mortar businesses. Buying an offline business is the traditional approach with its own ...
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How to Buy a Business Which Has Debt.

Unfortunately most businesses have some kind of debt on the statement. Buyers don't always know what to do when they see it. When I say statement I mean financial statement ...
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The Family Business Seller’s Dilemma

It is true that baby boomers are becoming a bigger factor in selling businesses. Just as there were many post war Sellers in the nineties, there are now a plethora ...
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The 6 Biggest Obstacles To Buying a Business – and How To Beat Them

In this post I'm going to go over the biggest obstacles to buying a business. Any business, big or small, not just bigger deals in sizable buyouts.  Now there are ...
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The Anatomy of An Old Leveraged Buyout Deal – A Case Study

Here is a short video description of what went down in 1988 when a huge deal was bought using a leveraged buyout. This was in the era of junk bonds, ...
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Selling a business is, for most owners, a once in a lifetime experience which is easily procrastinated and may be very stressful. You may well learn a great deal by digesting the material on this website. It will give you an idea of what the process is like. You will not get this perspective from your accountant or lawyer.

The best thing a seller can do is to prepare his company for sale well ahead of time. A hasty exit process is a bad idea and may lead to regrets for many years to come. On the other hand, companies may sit for years without selling just because the marketing process is not effective. It is critical to start the selling process as soon as the exit decision is made.

The owner must consider what will happen to his employees, what the transition will entail, and many other factors that will influence his decision to sell. But the biggest factor of all at the beginning of the process is that he needs to determine what his company is worth and what the sale will look like. To many sellers head into the sales process seeking to “test” the market without a clear idea of what their final numbers should look like.

The owner can hire a valuation company or his accountant – there are many ways of developing a valuation for privately held business. So here is how we can help.

At the Small Business Buyer we are professional buyers of companies. We have bought many companies in the past and will continue buying companies in the future. You may well want the opinion of an actual buyer of companies to give your company a look.

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