The Small Business Buyer Provides  consulting and advisory Service to small businesses and individuals that are engaged in buying,  selling or financing  a company and need assistance in completing the deal. This differs from the Master Coaching Program in that it does not involve a teaching process during the early stages of the deal via email and/or phone with the client. Consulting involves a certain amount of hands on dealmaking in a team environment and utilizes our resources in sourcing, negotiating, due diligence, procuring financing or otherwise facilitating the completion of an LBO or other structured deal.

This is typically a negotiated monthly fee plus a success fee upon closing. This program is best suited for buyers with deals in the latter stages which may have already been negotiated but may need assistance with a key component such as risk capital or buyout financing. Upon review of the deal we will contact you to with our interest level, to discuss further details and possible solutions.  Please provide as much detail as you can on the deal in question – financial advisers are usually permitted by NDAs to access deal information. All information is held in the strictest confidence.