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How To Buy A Business That Is Not For Sale

Many of my posts focus on businesses that are for sale – as opposed to not for sale, or never thought about selling. These for sale businesses are usually represented and listed by brokers. In some cases these are main street brokers, in some cases big deal shops and M&A intermediaries and even real estate brokers in states like Florida.

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Business For Sale Sites – For Better or Worse

I am going to provide my perspective on the world of brokers and their respective websites. Or perhaps the websites and their respective brokers. Both exist in big numbers. I usually start with big search engines such as Bizbuysell, where you can find loads of businesses for sale and the contact info for the brokers that represent them. There is also Bizquest, which does pretty much the same thing and I think is owned by the BBS people. There is also Globalbx and a whole bunch of others which you can easily run a search for.

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Reasons Not To Buy a High Tech Company

A subscriber asked me the other day why I did not recommend buying a software company. In fact, I do recommend buying a software company… if it is cheap. However for first, or even fifth time buyers I think it is a good idea to stay away from high tech companies in general for a number of reasons.

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Sourcing Deals on Global BX

Here is video that gets you started looking for deals. There are many business listing sites out there and they all have the same problem. Their information is inferior. You have to jump through hoops to find anything out. But I can usually tell what is junk without even clicking the link to the description. So here is how you can make your search more efficient.

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