Selling a business is, for most owners, a once in a lifetime experience which is easily procrastinated and may be very stressful. You may well learn a great deal by digesting the material on this website. It will give you an idea of what the process is like. You will not get this perspective from your accountant or lawyer.

The best thing a seller can do is to prepare his company for sale well ahead of time. A hasty exit process is a bad idea and may lead to regrets for many years to come. On the other hand, companies may sit for years without selling just because the marketing process is not effective. It is critical to start the selling process as soon as the exit decision is made.

The owner must consider what will happen to his¬† employees, what the transition will entail, and many other factors that will influence his decision to sell. But the biggest factor of all at the beginning of the process is that he needs to determine what his company is worth and what the sale will look like. To many sellers head into the sales process seeking to “test” the market without a clear idea of what their final numbers should look like.

The owner can hire a valuation company or his accountant – there are many ways of developing a valuation for privately held business. So here is how we can help.

At the Small Business Buyer we are professional buyers of companies. We have bought many companies in the past and will continue buying companies in the future. You may well want the opinion of an actual buyer of companies to give your company a look.


Seller's checklist

Seller’s checklist for sale of company


We offer to Sellers the valuable opportunity to get a firm idea of what the company could be worth on the open market. With some basic financial information we can do a complementary  valuation free of charge and will give you an idea of the ultimate structure of a potential transaction to buy your company. Who knows, it may lead to a deal.

We always welcome a discussion with potential Sellers of companies no matter how big your how small the transaction size.

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