Category: Small Business Buyouts

Business Buying Time Management

The average business buyer, whether he/she is a person or a business, can easily get confused and frustrated with the time involved in putting together an LBO. But the time required to complete an LBO is dependent entirely on the motivation of the buyer and seller. Period. the Buyer and Seller drive the deal.

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Sourcing Deals on Global BX

Here is video that gets you started looking for deals. There are many business listing sites out there and they all have the same problem. Their information is inferior. You have to jump through hoops to find anything out. But I can usually tell what is junk without even clicking the link to the description. So here is how you can make your search more efficient.

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Taking Over An Existing Business

In general there are two ways to take over an existing business. You can either work you way into a good business, or paper out a bad business. Since papering out a bad business falls under the other category of the typical leveraged buyout, or more accurately an LBO of a distressed company, I will address the first way.

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Buying A Local Business

There has never been more buzz surrounding local businesses and I will explain why. First of all it is still an ugly climate and a bad recession so many main street businesses are failing and empty storefronts are popping up more than usual. However, the ones that are surviving are surviving for a reason…

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